Episode 06 – Shoulder-in

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    When riding shoulder-in the horse is moving forward on three tracks. The forehand comes slightly off the track and the horse is lightly bent around the rider´s inside leg. You are ready to introduce shoulder-in when your horse has developed straightness and balance and it is most useful to start teaching this exercise in trot. The first thing you need to establish is a reaction, initially without aiming for a perfect shoulder-in (where the horse is moving on three tracks). Shoulder-in is a very useful exercise in training that will give you more control over the inside hind leg, more so than can be achieved in, for example, leg-yielding. But do keep an eye out that you are not losing on the outside what you have just gained on the inside. In addition to riding shoulder-in in trot we also practise shoulder-fore in canter but to do this the horse must have developed a certain balance and find it easy to do transition work within the canter. In canter we only train shoulder-fore where we ask for a smaller angle by merely placing the forehand away from the quarters. In doing so the horse will maintain a carrying inside hind leg and it is great for teaching straightness in canter.

    Duration: 8min 20sec
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