Episode 05 – Leg-yielding

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    Riding lateral paces is never an end in itself but a way to make the horse obedient and increase suppleness and strength. For the horse leg-yielding is the first introduction to the one-sided leg aid.

    One of the first lateral movements we teach a young horse is leg-yielding and this is generally done in trot. We usually begin leg-yielding by riding a turn from the short side a few metres away from the corner and then ask the horse to move sideways to the long side. Once leg-yielding has been established you can start to introduce variations by, e.g. leg-yielding inwards from the outside track or ask the horse to move at a steeper angle. We will also explain in detail how you must ride this exercise in the actual dressage test: when leg-yielding the horse moves forwards and sideways on two tracks with a light bend away from the direction of travel. Leg-yielding is also practiced in canter in order to maintain straightness of the shoulders.

    Duration: 8min 19sec
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