Episode 03 – Straightness

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    A horse is straight when his hind legs follow in the same track as the forelegs. This applies to riding on straight lines as much as to riding circles and turns. A horse therefore must always ‘track true’, but from a mounted position you will not be able to see if the horse is actually following the track of the forelegs. However, you can feel if the horse is carrying his own weight and not leaning or falling out to either side which is a fairly good indicator of the degree of straightness. Straightness is a concept that is a constant factor in all stages of dressage training, as can be seen in the way the dressage tests are put together. All tests ranging from B level right through to Grand Prix level include lines on e.g. the A-C line, and with good reason. Straightness and being in control of it is an essential condition for collection work and riding exercises.
    Are you, the rider, straight? If you yourself have a crooked position when in the saddle this will affect the horse´s straightness. So adopting a correct and straight position in the saddle is vital and comes with the benefit of a clear mutual effect. When the horse is moving nicely with a supple back and is equal on both sides, it is easier for the rider to sit than on a horse that moves with a tense and stiff back.

    Duration: 5min 9sec
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