Episode 01 – Tempo control

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    Tempo control is key. Why? Because it is a precondition for the contact and hence a precondition for developing your horse´s athletic ability. If you are not in control of your horse´s pace you will not be able to control the contact and the horse´s outline. And if you fail to control either contact or outline then it will be impossible to build your horse´s athletic ability. Tempo and contact are interdependent, you cannot have one without the other, even though we will discuss tempo control in this episode and the contact will be dealt with in the next. The principle behind tempo control is in fact very straightforward, but still, it is not that simple for a rider to always stay on top of it. The principle will only work well when you are very consistently working to stay focused on the tempo of your riding. For a sneak preview of this episode please watch the next video.

    Duration: 6min 36sec
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