How do I register?

It is very easy to create your own account which will enable you to view the videos at any time you like. Creating an account is simple and can be done by means of an existing account (Facebook, Google or Yahoo) or alternatively you can create a new account based on your email address.

Which account must I use to log onto if I want to watch the Hoefslag Academy?

This can be done with a Facebook, Google or a Yahoo account. You can also create a new account based on your email address.

What are the payment options to watch the videos of the Hoefslag Academy?

There will be a small surcharge for each payment to facilitate payment procedures (except for payment by credit card). We offer the following payment options:
• iDeal
• Credit card
• Paypal
• By telephone

I do not have a credit card or access to internet banking, is there another way for me to get access to the videos?

Paying by phone will also give you the opportunity to access the videos. After following the online instructions the videos will be made available to you without delay.

Is there a possibility to download the videos?

No, there isn´t. You cannot download the series but your account offers you the option to watch the videos at any time.

How many times can I watch the videos?

Contrary to other providers our offer includes unlimited access to watching the videos. After login you will be able to view the details of the videos you have purchased when and wherever you like.

Help, my question is not listed here!

Is your question not on this list? Please post your question to redactie@dehoefslag.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What will the series offer me?

The complete series of the Hoefslag dressage training videos includes all episodes that together define the basics of good dressage, starting from B-level up to the advanced classes. At the start of the video some fundamental principles will be explained. These are: tempo control, the contact, straightness and collection. In the last part we will elaborate further on specific Grand Prix exercises such as passage and piaffe. Next we will concentrate on several exercises that nicely illustrate how you can slowly build on the degree of difficulty. We will first look into leg-yielding which will then be followed by shoulder-in, travers and half-pass. In the last part of this series we will go into detail about how to ride counter canter, simple canter changes and of course the flying changes.

What is the advantage of buying single episodes?

Although all episodes are interconnected, buying single episodes can be an attractive option if you are looking for specific information regarding one or several subjects. However, purchasing the complete series is the cheaper option if you decide to buy a minimum of eight episodes. If for example you have a question about a technical riding problem or about the contact then you can also decide to buy this specific episode.